Thursday, January 12, 2012

HF Self-MOC: Cho 0.5

This is my self MOC, Cho 0.5.
Woah! That's small! Zoom in...

That's better. Cho stands about 3 inches tall. Cho is actually not a hero. He is a security guard for Hero Factory HQ and assembly tower. He is young, aggressive, and is easily exited.

Cho's Weapon is a energy shield.
It shoots waves of energy, but it can also be used a melee weapon for bashing bad-guys(well, striking them in the heel).

Cho is sometimes sent on missions, some times infiltrating lairs. Other than his small size, he accomplishes this task with his trusty grappling hook/ tow cable.

Cho in action:
Alittle editing and...

Pretty cool character! Comment on what you think.

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